I have taught undergraduate students at the University of Toronto (2002-05) and Oxford University’s Magdalen College (2006-07) and graduate students at University College London (2007-08) and the Vienna School of International Studies (since 2009).

Throughout these years, I have always tried to keep my teaching interests as broad as possible in order to maintain a good overview of the study of international relations and benefit from my interaction with students discussing different sub-fields of the discipline. Thus, I have taught courses on research design and methods, historical epochs of international politics, international relations theory, peace and security, globalization and crisis management. Every year, together with colleagues from the Vienna School of International Studies and the Austrian foreign ministry, I conduct a UN simulation of multilateral negotiations on a new legal instrument (often pertaining to global environmental issues) every year.

Additionally, I do some external teaching. Some of it took me merely to another district of Vienna (University of Vienna and Defence Academy of the Austrian Armed Forces) or just across the border (Comenius University of Bratislava). Teaching other courses made me to travel quite a bit further, for example to Yerevan (Diplomatic Academy of Armenia) and Kobe (Research Institute for the 21st Century). Being eager to help students bridge the gap between the realms of academia and practice, I serve as Academic Advisor for the Regional Academy on the United Nations (RAUN).